Next Chapter College Consulting offers a full array of college consulting services. As a trained college consultant, I work closely with students through each step of the college planning and admissions process, providing highly personalized guidance, support, and expertise. I am based in Connecticut but advise students and their families throughout the country. My clients are of all academic levels and have a wide variety of interests and strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Next Chapter College Consulting Help?  

You and your family are about to make a very significant investment in your education, so it's understandable that you want — and need — to end up at a college that is right for you. Given the complexity and constantly changing nature of college admissions, professional guidance is more important now than ever before.

At Next Chapter College Consulting, I act as your professional guide, personal resource, and chief cheerleader throughout the college planning, search, application, and decision-making process. My role supplements the work of your school counselor, who remains an integral and vital part of the college application process. I am available outside of school hours and on weekends, and am solely focused on college admissions. I also limit the number of students I work with, which enables me to be accessible and responsive, and give you the time and attention you need and expect.   

I recognize that each student is unique, and customize my work accordingly. As an objective third party, I offer unbiased advice and recommendations, help you better understand what distinguishes you from others, and guide you as you evaluate options. By providing focus and eliminating much of the guesswork, I make the college process more manageable and efficient. I will make sure that you are properly informed, well aware of all deadlines, and encouraged and supported in your efforts to meet them. With an approach that is smart, strategic, organized, and thorough, I can help reduce some of the stress that so often occurs at this time. As a result, you will be better able to approach this important time in your life with excitement and anticipation of the multitude of possibilities open to you.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the person who will be alongside you on this journey. For that reason, I welcome you to come in for a complimentary half-hour visit to meet me and see if Next Chapter College Consulting is right for you and your family.

How Will Next Chapter College Consulting Know Which Schools Are Right For Me?

You’ve probably heard a lot about finding colleges that are right for you – ones that “fit.”  Contrary to what you might think, Next Chapter College Consulting doesn’t believe that there is only one “right” college. There are probably many that would fit you very well. Knowing which schools are appropriate requires an understanding of your goals, strengths, needs, and priorities. It means considering your academic profile, learning style, social desires, and much more. It also means taking into account your financial parameters, and any requirements your parents may have. It will require thought and reflection on your part. 

Over the course of our work together, and through discussion, in-depth interviewing, and assessments, I will learn and understand as much as I can about you. I will then combine this knowledge with my expertise and understanding of a wide range of colleges to help you identify schools that will provide the best environment for your growth and that will allow you to achieve success that will position you well for the future.

Can Next Chapter College Consulting Get Me Into College?

No consultant can guarantee admission because the decision to admit is in the hands of the college. (If an educational consultant or anyone else suggests they can, you should find someone else to advise you.) What I can do is help improve your chances of admission by guiding you through this process with experienced insight, identifying appropriate colleges to which you can apply, and helping you present yourself in the best way possible so you effectively demonstrate to admissions committees why you should be admitted.

Next Chapter College Consulting subscribes to and abides by the Independent Educational Consultants Association’s Principles of Good Practice, the Higher Education Consultants Association Statement of Standards and Ethics, and the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s Statement of Principles of Good Practice. You will see these ethical and professional guidelines reflected in my work.

How Involved Should Parents Be?

This is an important juncture in your life, and parents will often want to be involved. I have worked with some parents who have let their child take almost complete control of the college process and have observed from afar, and others who have been more hands-on. If you begin the process very early, your parents are more likely to be fully involved. As you get older and become more self-sufficient, and in particular once the application process begins, most parents will increasingly allow you to take the lead. While the extent of parental involvement will vary, all parents will always be copied on important correspondence.  

Note to Parents: In all cases, I hope that you will work with me to empower your child to take control of the college process. With support and encouragement, this can be a time of tremendous growth and confidence building, resulting in a student who is more capable of, and ready for, the increased independence of college life. Importantly, allowing your child to take control will also ensure that the end result becomes his or her choice. Students who feel ownership over their decision are more likely to be invested, engaged, and excited from the beginning, increasing the likelihood of a successful experience.  

When Is The Best Time To Start?

Although most families choose to engage a college consultant during the student’s sophomore or early junior year, I welcome you to meet with me as early as 8th grade. While it is too soon to think about college at that point, a discussion about high school course selection, outside activities, and how to best take advantage of your high school years can smooth the transition to high school and put you in a better position down the road. I believe that the college process can be fun and exciting if taken at a leisurely pace that allows time for both exploration of self and the many options available for the future. 

Please note that the Comprehensive Consulting Package may begin at any time from eighth grade on. There is no additional expense if you start early. If you choose to begin with either the Initial Consultation or the Freshman Year Consultation, you may apply the fees for those services to the Comprehensive Consulting Package. 

"Thank you, Cathy, for your amazing insight and assistance!"

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"Working with Cathy made our daughter's application process much smoother, less stressful and more productive..."

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1. Northeastern
2. Brandeis
3. Denison
4. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
5. Wake Forest

A. Don't walk over the seal of the college at the bottom of Pedestrian Walkway or you won't graduate in four years.

B. Rub the nose of the Husky statue in Ell Hall and you will have good luck.

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E. If you walk around the heart-shaped pond three times with someone you like and they don't kiss you, you are "allowed" to push them in.

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