Visiting a wide range of colleges and universities across the country allows me to be a more informed judge of whether a given school will be right for you. When I visit a campus I meet with admissions officers, faculty, and students. I find out about admissions practices and expectations, institutional priorities, distinctive programs, what students are doing and feeling, the balance between work and play, and much more. By getting a firsthand look at the school and its culture, I come away with a better understanding of what type of student would do well there – as well as what type would not. This better enables me to guide you in your college search and help you find schools that will be most appropriate for you.

Why do IECA Members Travel So Much?

Can you match the mascot
with its college?

See below for the correct answers.

  1. Judges
  2. Ephs
  3. Anteaters
  4. Stormy Petrels
  5. Battling Bishops
  6. Banana Slugs
  7. Scots
  8. Spiders
  9. Ducks
10. Dragons

  • A. University of Oregon
  • B. Ohio Wesleyan
  • C. Williams
  • D. University of Richmond
  • E. UC Irvine
  • F.  Drexel
  • G. Brandeis
  • H. UC Santa Cruz
  • I.  Oglethorpe
  • J.  Macalester

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